What’s Happening In Huntlee?

As the first new town in the Hunter Valley in 50 years, Huntlee has made some big plans and caused some controversy along the way.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new estate and how it’s set to change our region.

What is Huntlee?

Huntlee is an estate just out of Branxton, located 90 minutes from Sydney and 45 minutes from Newcastle. At the moment, it’s mostly made up of homes for its 1000 residents, but this is just the beginning for the planned medium-sized township. In 20 years, the population is expected to grow to 20,000 across four “villages” and a central town hub, covering 200 hectares overall.

The first of the town’s neighbourhoods, Katherine’s Landing, has been open since 2013, when the residential land went on sale. The initial residents moved in at the end of 2015. The cookie-cutter identical housing found in some new developments isn’t the norm in Huntlee; the developers, LWP, prioritised diverse housing options and land sizes, so each resident can choose the option that best suits their needs. All are well-equipped with modern features and high-quality fittings, with some offering 5 bedrooms, 3-car garages or pools. See the properties we’re selling in Huntlee here.

What’s planned for Huntlee’s future?

Over time, the project is planned to expand to 7200 dwellings across the four villages. Each village is set to have its own individual characteristics, while staying true to the overarching aims of self-sustainability, walkable neighbourhoods and wide streets. In addition to the main town centre, the villages will have their own centres too, with shops and services that meet everyday needs.

At the moment, residents are travelling to nearby Branxton and Greta for shopping, school and appointments, but they’ll soon find these amenities on their doorstep as Huntlee becomes more and more developed.

The current major driver of change in Huntlee is a shopping plaza that’s backed by Coles. Development Approval was granted in February and ground was broken on the site in mid-August, with a view to opening the shopping centre by late 2020, so construction will be well underway in no time. In addition to a full Coles supermarket and an adjacent Liquorland, there’ll be 1000m2 of speciality stores servicing local needs and creating more jobs in the Huntlee area. It’s a great sign for the future of the town and certainly a major drawcard for future buyers.

And these aren’t the only jobs predicted off the back of the development. According to the developers, Huntlee will create 3000 jobs across the full suite of associated services and stores planned for the villages over the next 20 years.

Controversy in Huntlee

You can’t create a new town without creating a little drama. And there’s no doubt that the $1.5 billion Huntlee project has been met with its share of controversy. The development encountered problems all throughout the planning process, including unlawful approval by the government, protests about the impact on the local endangered species persoonia pauciflora and concerns about the lack of infrastructure.

But nearly a decade since the start of the project, measures have been implemented to address these issues. A conservation plan was created to protect and propogate persoonia pauciflora, with dedicated conservation areas including the future Persoonia Park.

The new supermarket complex addresses infrastructure concerns, as does the recent plan presented to NSW Department of Planning and Environment, which included good access to Branxton train station and the Hunter Expressway.

It’s an exciting time in Huntlee and we look forward to seeing the positive impact the development will have on the local region.

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