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We offer an end-to-end property management service for investors, both local and remote, and their properties, including the care and maintenance of all rental needs of owners and tenants.

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Landlord Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of using One Agency Lindy Harris' Landlord Services:

  • Allocation of an experienced Property Manager solely dedicated to enquiries you have in relation to your tenancy

  • Your Property Manager is equipped to deal with a direct email address, direct office line and voicemail facilities. If your Property Manager is attending to another matter, simply leave a message for your call to be promptly returned

  • Repair forms to forward to your Property Manager for prompt attention for all repairs

  • After hours/emergency access to qualified tradespeople 24/7

  • Monthly rent payment facilities including direct debit, internet and phone banking

  • Email and text messaging of new vacancies to suit your requirements

  • Strong database.

Landlord FAQs

What repair/upgrades am I responsible for on my property?

Landlords are required to commit to the maintenance, repair and upgrades of the structural elements of their property, such as ceilings, walls, carpets, light fittings, roller doors and balcony; as well as functional components such as plumbing and electricity. We manage all requests regarding these and communicate and facilitate solutions. 

Why do I need a Property Manager?

Property Managers ensure your property is taken care of and that your tenants are satisfied with the dwelling. We manage your property so you don’t have to. This includes addressing tenant needs, chasing rent if applicable, attending to tenant needs and conducting regular inspections.

Why do tenants need the help of a Property Manager?

Our Property Managers work as the middle-persons between tenant and landlord communications. This ensures there is always a streamline solution via an effective, efficient process for enquiries, repairs, upgrades and lease amendments/renewals.

How often do you inspect rental properties?

Frequency is at the owner’s discretion – One Agency Lindy Harris work with the owner to determine how often an inspection is desired. We always recommend at least once a quarter, however inspections can be done more or less frequently as preferred.

We also respect the rights of tenants and ensure that access to the property is always prefaced with a minimum of 24-48 hour notice period. 

How are tenant requirements/complaints handled?

We listen to all tenant feedback and pride ourselves on actioning any changes required quickly and efficiently. We ensure owners are aware of all communications between tenant and agent, but work hard to troubleshoot as much on our end as possible before concerning owners. 

If we are ever unsuccessful at providing on our promise to do the above, please feel free to contact us directly.

Is owning a rental property a lot of hassle?

It can be… but not if you have the right people managing your property with solutions-based processes and a dedication to ensuring both you and your tenants are happy. We have an effective and efficient line of communication with both our landlord and tenant clients, and make it a priority to ensure rental property management is as hassle-free as possible. 

What is your tenant screening and background check process?

Prospective tenants are required to request an application for a property and indicate their financial ability to afford their desired property. We then run a background check via a tenant database to reveal any applicants who have been previously blacklisted. We also contact previous agencies and/or private landlords and contact the applicant’s/s’ employer. 

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