Meet The Locals: Kyra Webster

Kyra Webster is a familiar face around Singleton.

The owner of Indulgence Salon & Spa (I’m a big fan), she has also recently re-opened The Central Bar & Kitchen with her partner, Andrew Ward.

Singleton is lucky to benefit from her drive and enthusiasm, as well as the great businesses she runs.

She chats to us about running two businesses and why she loves living in Singleton.

Hi Kyra, tell us about Singleton’s Indulgence Salon & Spa – I know you used to work in 5 star Hunter Valley hotel beauty salons but thought Singleton deserved it’s very own day spa experience?

Yes, we started from humble beginnings – I got to create the space from scratch – and we’ve been open for four years now as a beauty salon. Then, about 18 months ago, we moved into the building next door to open our day spa, so we’re now double the size. It was a big expansion but opportunities like that don’t come up all the time. For the day spa, I wanted to create something with a little bit more luxury, a nice space to have your treatments. It’s a bit more mellow. I have spa treatments like massages and facial therapies now as well as beauty salon services. I employ about 13 people at the salon, including contractors, and nine spa therapists.

And you’ve also recently re-launched The Central Bar & Kitchen with your partner, Andrew Ward. I’ve enjoyed a few delicious meals there already, can you tell us about how you came to re-open it?

Yes, Andrew runs his own businesses as well – he’s a plant mechanic by trade, so it’s a big change for him too. We needed a new challenge and the pub had just been sitting there, empty, for so many years. We opened on the first of December, which was just crazy! Now that it’s calmed down a little bit, we’ve found a bit more flow. It’s fun because it’s a new industry and it’s completely different from beauty. I love to work and to keep busy. It can be hectic managing the two businesses but I’m enjoying every second of it.

What do you like about running a business in Singleton?

I really love Singleton, I’m very passionate about the town. I love the people and the community aspect. I love the social side of things – going to the grocery store and walking past 20 people you know. I love providing a service to the town, seeing a gap that needs to be filled, whether that’s providing somewhere a bit nicer to have spa treatments or providing a new venue to eat and drink in town.

What are some of the challenges of running your businesses?

I’ve had to learn a lot of things from scratch but the hardest part is building a great team. Your staff will either make or break your business. I’m blessed now that in both my venues – the pub and the salon – we have great teams. But getting to that point, finding people and evolving your management style with each different person, was probably the hardest aspect. But once you’ve got a good team going, you’re all good.

It must be super busy running two completely different businesses. Do you have family commitments too?

Our businesses are our babies! They take up a lot of our time. I want to work now so that I can have that time off to have kids a little bit later.

What do you love about living in Singleton?

I’ve lived here since I was six months old and I love the community aspect. I love the social networks, too. I love how supportive everyone here is of each other, whether it’s a big business or any small industry. Everyone here is happy to support local business.

What are your plans for the future?

Andrew and I are always looking to the future, we always have another goal to work towards. There might be new investment and business opportunities in the future or else it will be settling down and having a family. There’s still a lot of opportunities to grow within our two businesses, so I think that will be our focus for now.

You’ve certainly got your hands full! Good luck with the bar and salon Kyra!

You can find out more by visiting Indulgence Salon & Spa and The Central Bar & Kitchen.

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