How to Boost Your Property’s Kerb Appeal

When it comes to homes, first impressions count.

Whether they’re browsing online or driving past, prospective buyers or renters will judge your property based on its appearance.

In fact, a UK survey by paint company Dulux found that 93% of people were more likely to attend a home viewing if the exterior was well maintained. Whether it adds value to the sale or rental price is another question.

The good news is there are a few simple things you can do to enhance your property’s kerb appeal and make it more attractive to buyers and renters alike.

Fence it in

The front fence is often the first thing visitors, buyers and renters will see, so it’s important that it looks its best. Repair any broken railings, make sure the gate is in good working order and give timber fences a fresh coat of paint in a shade that matches the house. Make sure the front verandah railings are neat and tidy too.

A fresh coat of paint

Instantly refresh your property with a lick of paint. Outdated colour schemes and peeling paint can make a home seem tired and are a big turn off for buyers and renters. The good news is that a fresh coat of paint is a relatively inexpensive way to transform a home. Go with neutral, modern colours – even a crisp white – that are unlikely to date and witness the difference a new paint job can make.

Revitalise your front door

Although it might be a small part of your property’s facade, the front door can have a big impact. A freshly painted front door in a bold yellow or pastel green can add a touch of style and personality. A shiny new doorknob or knocker can spruce up the plainest of doors, and a unique front door – whether a detailed traditional style, or a modern glass and steel number – can make a strong first impression. And if the screen door is broken, or hanging off, get it repaired. Frame your property’s entrance with potted plants, arranged in groups of three or five, for added impact.

Letters and numbers

Replacing the house number is a small and simple change that goes a long way. Opt for a style that matches the property, such as hand-painted tiles for a cottage or sleek steel numbers for a modern home. Similarly, the mailbox should complement the property too. Paint the post to match the home’s exterior or choose a bright colour for a stylish touch that really pops.

Get gardening

A well-maintained front garden can be very alluring to buyers and renters alike. Replace any plants that have seen better days and make sure the basic maintenance is taken care of – lawns are mowed, plants are pruned, and garden beds are weeded and mulched. Window boxes or potted plants are a quick and effective way to introduce flowers and greenery if your property doesn’t have much in the way of a front garden.

Light it up

Stylish outdoor lighting can boost the kerb appeal of your property, as well as its safety and security, in a flash. Install a statement light next to the front door, focus low-voltage accent lighting on the house or a tree in the garden, or go with solar-powered lights along the entrance pathway.

Follow the yellow brick road

Freshen up the driveway and paths with a high-pressure water cleaner (and give the exterior walls a blast while you’re at it). It’s amazing the difference clean pavers can make. If the concrete driveway, paths or steps are looking especially tired, paving paint can give them a new lease on life and lift the kerb appeal of the whole home.

Don’t forget the windows

Don’t forget to give the front windows and flyscreens a good clean. Brush any cobwebs away from windows and eaves and make sure the blinds and window coverings look as good from the outside as they do from the inside.

And, finally…

Don’t forget to lay out the welcome mat. We can’t wait to visit.

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