Celebrating Neighbour Day In Singleton

When people are buying a home in Singleton, they often ask us “what are the neighbours like?”.

We can proudly say that Singleton has some of the friendliest, and most community-minded neighbours in the country.

So on Sunday 28 March, we look forward to celebrating, and making more connections, through Neighbour Day.

What is Neighbour Day?

Neighbour Day is an annual Australia-wide event run by Relationships Australia. This celebration of community encourages people to connect with their neighbours. And in 2021 the theme is ‘every day is neighbour day’, encouraging people to be neighbourly every day.

Maybe your neighbours are right next door and you know them very well. Maybe they’re acres away, maybe they’re online, a phone call away, or they’re someone in town who you don’t even know yet. Neighbour Day is a time to make creative connections and to stay connected.

Say “hello” to the person in the street, introduce yourself over the fence, invite someone for a cup of coffee, make a phone call, or get involved in your local community in some other way. It’s about forging social connections.

Why does Neighbour Day matter?

Singleton is a tight-knit community, and we all appreciate the support and relationships we have in our town. Having recently endured a drought, bushfires and pandemic, our neighbours are a vital support network.

The organisers of Neighbour Day argue that knowing your neighbours and your broader community has never been more important. Neighbour Day is a way for our community to support its most vulnerable, tackle loneliness, improve mental health, and to work together to ensure healthy and safe relationships.

Neighbours might not live next door to us either – they could be anywhere. It’s about building a sense of community, belonging, support and generosity.

You can find out more and get ideas for how to become involved at neighbourday.org.

Neighbours make Singleton a great place

Singleton is a close-knit community, but people can still feel isolated, disconnected and lonely within it.

But there are some great places in our town to seek help, to volunteer your time, or refer a neighbour.

For example, the Singleton Men’s Shed welcomes new visitors and members who want to become actively involved, or just have a cuppa.

For those who need some support, the Singleton Neighbourhood Centre offers amazing resources, including [email protected] – drop in and have a chat.

And many wonderful locals help our community by volunteering for initiatives like Meals on Wheels or the Singleton Public School Breakfast Club.

Everyday really can be Neighbour Day in Singleton – so get involved!

If you’re interested in making Singleton and the Hunter Valley the location of your new home, contact our team today.

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